2015/10/31 Sat - 11/1 Sun (cancelled in case of storm)


Itsukaichi Kaikan, Akiruno City (10min walk from JR Musashi-Itsukaichi station)


Mountainous area of Okutama, Tokyo(71.5Km)


Itsukaichi Kaikan(hall)  → Imakuma jinja(shrine) → Ichimichiyama branch → Daigomaru → Mt.Shoutou-san → Mt.Dohyoudake → Sasa-one(ridge) → Mt.Mitou-san → Mt.Tsukiyomi-yama → Mt.Gozen-yama → Mt.Odake-san → Mitake jinja(shrine) → Mt.Hinode-san → Konpira-one(ridge)  → Itsukaichi Kaikan(hall)


2015/10/31 Sat

reception : 10:00〜12:00

opening ceremony : 12:30〜

start : 13:00


2015/11/1 Sun

awarding ceremony : 9:00

time-limit : 13:00 (24h after start)

Competition Rules

  1. Must entry by individually.
  2. It is time-race for certain mountain course. (ranked by time result)
  3. You have to stop the race and go down a mountain if you could not pass the first control gate
    - First control gate is at Asama pass and the time-limit is 10/31 22:00.
    - Second control gate is at Tsukiyomi Mountain 2nd parking area and the time-limit is 11/1 4:00.
    - Third control gate is at Mitake Mountain Nagaodaira and the time-limit is 11/1 10:00.
    - Time-limit for whole course is 24 hours after start and you must pass all gates before each time-limit.
  4. Water supply by the organizer will only at Tsukiyomi Mountain 2nd parking area.
  5. You have to at least have water(2L), rain apparel, snacks, warm clothes and light.
    It is recommended to use backpaks with water hydration system on.
    No limit of your equipment.
  6. No aid-station in course.
  7. Stocks are not allowed to use before the first control. (You have to load it on your hackpaks)
  8. Direction marks are on the course point.
  9. disqualification
    1. Who throw rubish on tho course.
    2. Who lied for the entry.
    3. Who offended the rules.
    4. Who did not get along judges.
    5. Who could not pass the control gate and finish the course before time-limit.
    6. Who did not put on the numberd saddlecloth.
    7. Who get supplied from other runner.
    8. Who did not respect natural conservation.
    9. Who did dishonest act.
  10. runners who abstain or break off the course must offer to judges.


  • Must be at least 16 years of age on the race day(under 18 years cannot entry without parent's consent)
  • Who are confident to run on time.
  • Must take out an alpine accident insurance.


time is recorded on RS tags.

Time result will be on board.

Completion biull will be issued on the day.


  1. The 1st runners both Men and Women will be givin "Hasetsune cup" and the 2nd and 6th runners both Men and Women will be givin medals.
  2. The 1st to 6th runners both Men and Women will be givin diplomas.
    (division : 10's, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's)
  3. All runners who complete the race on time can receive diplomas and a record book.


Adult : 15,000Yen

High School Student : 6,000Yen

Member of Togakuren : 13,000Yen

Registration for non-Japanese runners living outside Japan.
Race registration for non-Japanese runners living outside Japan starts
at 10:00 on June 1, 2015 (Japan Standard Time).
The runners coming from overseas can sign up for the race from runnet website.
Entries will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis and will close once all slots are full.


Registration for Hasetsune Cup in our English website:
The registration site in our English website is only for non-Japanese runners living outside Japan. To confirm eligibility of entrant, presentation of a copy of his/her valid passport together with an original document that proves current address and country of residence will be requested at a reception on the race day.
In case the eligibility is not confirmed, he/she is not qualified to participate in the race.

Registration by non-Japanese runners living in Japan or Japanese runners living outside Japan is not valid and will be automatically cancelled.

In case the eligibility is not confirmed or the registration is invalid, the registration fee will not be returned.

Thank you for your attention.


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